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Based on 71 reviews
Chaapat | Pack of 20 | The Snack Pause
Gurpreet Kaur (Luton, GB)
Childhood memories same taste same feelings 🥰🥰

Childhood memories same taste same feelings

Kurkure Masala Munch | The Snack Pause
Mandeep Singh (Brampton, CA)
Nice as well as tasty


Alpenliebe Lollipop | The Snack Pause
Sneha (Mississauga, CA)
Very small Lollipop

The Lollipop tasted good but was too small

Surprisingly I liked the snack

I had bought this since it looked similar to my favorite snack Piknik Classic Tomato Chilli. I didn't expect to fall in love with it. I will definitely repurchase it.

My childhood favorite snack

I had been searching for this snack for so long and I am so glad that I was able to find it at snack pause. It tasted just like remembered it.

Love it!!

Tastiest chocolate ever!

Love it!!

Reminded me of my childhood. Gulabo candy is sweet and crunchy. It’s my favourite. ♥️

Melted Imli Box | 70g
Prabhjot kaur Pandher (Brampton, CA)
Great taste

My order had fee things in it and it was really quick and efficient. All the items taste as expected, i would surely reorder it , don’t know how many times 😜. I i would try other things as well. Thnks snack pause

Snaclite | 20 Rs Pack | The Snack Pause
harsimran kaur jaggi (Woodbridge, CA)

Really loved the snacks. Made me nostalgic


Thanks for choosinfG UPS . They are good and kindly pack ur order earlier . I mean shein ships sooner than u guys.2-3 days are fine but 7-10 days just to pack is damn high. Shipping was quick thank god . But plzz pack it
Sooner next


Thanku so much... I truly like it🥹💜 and definitely... gonna purchase more from you in the future

Natkhat Crax | 10Rs BIG PACK
Navdeep Kaur (Barrie, CA)

Childhood memories... same taste same feelings 🥹💜

Black Mango | The Snack Pause
Navdeep Kaur (Barrie, CA)
Love it

I can't explain my feelings.....😅
Just LOVE IT.. THANK YOU so much🥹

Kinderjoy Choco Balls | Imported from India | The Snack Pause

Tandoori Mayo | 285g
Manpreet Kaur (Brampton, CA)


Center Fruit | 20pcs | The Snack Pause
Rattanbharbhur Kaur (Fort McMurray, CA)

Center Fruit | 20pcs | The Snack Pause

Taka-Tak (20 Rs BIG PACK) I Imported Indian Puffs
Dilpreet Singh (Sacramento, US)

Everything came well and good but service is too slow ,received order after 22 days . Need to fix it.Must get order within a week

5 star⭐️

Very good

Very good

Natkhat Crax | 10Rs BIG PACK
Harsh Bhaura (Surrey, CA)

Very good

Cadbury Choclairs | 20pcs | The Snack Pause
Mandee Sandhawalia (Surrey, CA)
Indian memories

Best time spent ever munching on indian snacks. Been here for 23 years. All the memories came back.

Crax Rings Chatpata Flavour | Imported Indian Puff Rings

Khatori Khattam Khatta | The Snack Pause
Ranjeet Singh (Edmonton, CA)
Best service

Everything is great. Reminded me of my childhood.

Alpenliebe Strawberry | Pack of 20
Simarjit Singh (Sacramento, US)

Alpenliebe Strawberry | Pack of 20


    The Memories, The Love and nostalgia for Indian candies is what we are bringing back to foreign lands. We made these countries our new home, brought a lot of things along here with us but still Candies were missing !! So we are bringing it back for you !!

  • Quality Review ⭐

    Quality is never compromised on all the items we serve to our customers. We will keep providing you guys with the best products and customer service. Thank you everyone for your support ♥️

  • Happy Customers = Happy Us ⭐

    We always try to keep our customers happy by providing them with the best products, services & prices. We value your trust and confidence in us and sincerely appreciate you!
    Thanks a lot !

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